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medical transportation cameras

Every year, transport companies that are engaged in medical transportation services face unpleasant situations during transportation, for example, the fall of passengers during loading or unloading, collision with other vehicles or objects, unreliable fixation of the patient to his place, failure to secure or unreliable attachment of the patient to the wheelchair, misuse of ramps. Such situations can lead to irreversible consequences. eTrans Cameras video surveillance system in the vehicles will save millions of dollars thanks to avoiding litigation and payment of compensations.

How it works?

The system starts to work when the car starts - Video data and GPS coordinates are transmitted to Google Cloud - All data can be viewed on the web service - On the web service, you can generate a report and see the archived data


eTrans Cameras

is the best solution

for your school transportation


Fleet management

Do you need to monitor the driver's work schedule? Or to respond to complaints from parents about the delay of the bus? Do you want to make sure that a driver works efficiently? This system feature will help you. On the interactive map you can see the location of vehicles, the speed of their movement, the direction of movement. You can see whether the driver deviated from the route, and what time he arrived to his destination; how fast the bus was moving, and whether the driver was speeding

Live stream video

All video data can be viewed in live stream mode on a convenient web service. You need to have Internet access and know the login and password. Video data from CCTV cameras are transmitted to the service and updated every 30 seconds. You can also see archive video data from video cameras that is stored on Google Cloud (the storage period is individually negotiated and can range from 1 month to 3 years or more)


On the web service you can not only view video data, but also generate reports. In the reports there is such data as the serial number of the bus, the speed and direction of its movement, its status (online, offline, idling), and address of the location

4G modem and GPS tracking

In addition to all the above mentioned functions, you also get completely free 4g internet and GPS tracking