Video surveillance system

system for a taxi

Taxi is the most popular form of transport in America. In New York alone, more than 600,000 passengers ride a taxi daily. And this is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Being competitive is pretty hard. In addition to competitive risks, there are troubles with drivers, their safety, as well as the safety of passengers. Very often, a driver can get into an accident and you need to quickly figure out who is guilty. Sometimes drivers are aggressive in their driving. Or rude to passengers. Or, on the contrary, conflicts arise because of a passenger. It is important to know about it and correct the situation in time if you do not want to lose customers. Installing a video surveillance system will help you solve a number of problems. Compact modern equipment will not interfere with either passengers or a driver.

What benefits do you get by installing a video surveillance system in a taxi?

You can always monitor your driver.

It increases a driver’s self-discipline.

It allows you to control a driver's condition and reduce the degree of aggressive driving.

You can quickly resolve conflicts with passengers or other traffic participants.

You can see the location of the car on an interactive map in real time.

It improves the level of your service.


eTrans Cameras

is the best solution

for your school transportation


Equipment installation

The cameras inside a bus are installed so that all passengers entering and leaving the bus, as well as the whole passenger compartment, are visible. It is very important to observe the communication between passengers and a driver. The cameras attached on the outside of the bus will help track all incidents on the road.

The installed equipment has an affordable cost

Drivers have been using DVRs for a long time. But their serious drawback is filming only what is happening ahead of the moving vehicle. The indisputable advantage of the video surveillance system for a bus is video recordings from several cameras that show different angles and give a complete picture of what happened on the road during an accident

Access to video files

In the event of a conflict between passengers, or between a driver and passengers, eTrans Cameras provide an opportunity to stop the emerging conflict between passengers, resolve an unpleasant incident or a controversial situation. If a passenger makes a claim, the data stored on Google Cloud will help determine who is right and who is wrong.

The level of service improved

Our customers have already appreciated the advantages of using our video surveillance system. After installing the system, the total number of accidents and the cost of car repairs decreased and the number of fines decreased. The level of service improved and, as a result, the number of customers increased.