Video surveillance system

for vans and buses

Vans and buses occupy a significant place in the life of every American citizen, whether it is public transport in the city or transporting a passenger from one city to another. Millions of buses move daily from city to city in the US or from point A to point B in a particular city. This business is growing and developing. To succeed in this business, you need to monitor the work of your drivers and be aware of what is happening in case of unforeseen circumstances. We offer a specially developed video surveillance system for buses and vans.

Get a full overview of what is happening in a bus or van and around it. Two surveillance cameras is the minimum kit for installation in a bus or van. We recommend installing 3 or more so that you will see the whole space inside a bus;

have access to a special client web service, where you can monitor the location of your entire flee and view video data from surveillance cameras in real time.

quickly and effectively resolve conflicts or disputes with passengers or drivers of other vehicles.

be ahead of your competitors.

control unscheduled stops, passenger traffic, fuel consumption.

prevent misuse of vehicles.


eTrans Cameras

is the best solution

for your school transportation


The cameras inside a bus are installed so that all passengers entering and leaving the bus, as well as the whole passenger compartment, are visible. It is very important to observe the communication between passengers and a driver. The cameras attached on the outside of the bus will help track all incidents on the road.

Drivers have been using DVRs for a long time. But their serious drawback is filming only what is happening ahead of the moving vehicle. The indisputable advantage of the video surveillance system for a bus is video recordings from several cameras that show different angles and give a complete picture of what happened on the road during an accident

In the event of a conflict between passengers, or between a driver and passengers, eTrans Cameras provide an opportunity to stop the emerging conflict between passengers, resolve an unpleasant incident or a controversial situation. If a passenger makes a claim, the data stored on Google Cloud will help determine who is right and who is wrong.

Manufacturers created compact dome IP-cameras with a super wide viewing angle specifically for moving vehicles, allowing you to see everything inside a bus. The equipment has protection against vandals, a shockproof, dust- and waterproof case, and anti-vibration mounts.