new standard of you business safety

Safety of the fleet

Business security

Pure reputation

100% data protection

A driver cannot change or delete the data

Plastic cases of the device are hermetic and are able to withstand a static pressure

Videos with all data are stored on a cloud server for as long as you decide

All information is transmitted through secure channels

Control management solution is provided for each company individually


Every company will have its personal account on the platform where they will be able to access all the information about their vehicles with Etranssystem

What it looks like

Minimum two video cameras are installed inside a vehicle: one camera is recording outside the vehicle, the rest of the cameras – inside.
4G high-speed modem provides uninterrupted connection
The modem transmits video data to the cloud server
The data is displayed on the web panel
Your employee who has access to the web panel can view information about the vehicle or watch a live stream video
All data is stored on the Cloud for two months or more
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