The CCTV system

* video surveillance

is suitable for any type of transport companies, and will ignificantly

help you to reduce costs and thereby increase your profits

Reduction of lawsuits

Minimizing compensation payment

Cutting fuel costs

Reduction of accidents and car repair costs

Control of stops and parking

Choosing the best route

Control of the driver and other personal






The advantages of the system

live stream video

Live stream video

free gps-tracking

Free gps-tracking

data storage on cloud

Data storage on Cloud

password protected entry

Password protected entry

Convenient reporting system

Convenient reporting system

Competitive price

Competitive price

Free 4g Internet

4G LTE Internet

Fleet management

Fleet management

About this system

eTrans Cameras is a smart software technology that helps to increase the safety of a driver and passengers, and also helps you feel confident that your business is secure.

eTrans Cameras is a video surveillance system that includes a dash camera and backup camera, 4g modem and a data transmission and reception device for satellite monitoring of vehicles.

eTrans Cameras is an indispensable assistant for your transportation business that helps to control the fleet and minimize costs.


On average, installation of the system takes about 1-1.5 hours for one car. This time interval depends on the brand of the car and its internal configuration. The system is installed in such a way so as not to interfere with the driver and passenger, not cover the windshield and so that to have the maximum viewing angle of the camera. The standard set has 2 cameras (dash and backup cameras), the minimum set – one camera (you can choose which one). Two to eight cameras are installed in buses, vans, and limousines. The installation is conducted by our partner company. Check the price for the installation from the manager.


The monthly cost of the system depends on the configuration of the system (how many cameras are included in the system) and how long the data is stored on the Google Cloud.

For a standard set (2 cameras) and 1 month of data storage, the amount of the license fee is 39,99 dollars.

What it looks like

When the ignition key is
turned on, the eTrans Camera
system starts working

number one

GPS tracking starts to work
and sends location coordinates

number two

4G LTE modem turns on

number three

The cameras are switched on
and the video starts

number four

Video data is sent
to Google Cloud

number five

Video data is in the
live stream mode

number six

All data is stored on the Cloud
for two months or more

number seven

To view archive video data,
just enter the date and time

number eight

Reports are generated in Excel and PDF format.
After the car stops, the system operates in the
autonomous mode for 1 hour

number nine

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