Using the HTTPS data transfer protocol ensures that the data is encrypted and cannot be

Information can be viewed for any period from the time of installation of our system (from 1
month to a year). To view old data, you need to select the period and the vehicle. The time of
data storage in the system depends on the selected package of services.

Yes, you can enter the system via a phone or a tablet

Unlimited number of people can use the system simultaneously, both via a mobile device and a

Such systems as Etrans GPS use a rounding to 1 second

In the Еtrans GPS system, the speed is determined by a GPS module using the Doppler effect.
The accuracy is 0.1 m / h.

The camera records information using a built-in modem and transfers this data to a cloudserver. If there were internet connection problems the camera works in an offline mode andkeeps the data, which is transferred to the cloud as soon as the connection with the server is reestablished.

The video is recorded in MP4 format.

Minimum 2 cameras can be installed. The number of cameras depends on your needs.

You can connect any number of vehicles from your fleet to our system