Live stream non emergency medical transportation cameras

Every year, transport companies that are engaged in non-emergency transportation services face unpleasant situations during transportation, for example, the fall of passengers during loading or unloading, collision with other vehicles or objects,  unreliable fixation of the patient to his place, failure to secure or unreliable attachment of the patient to the wheelchair, misuse of ramps. Such situations can lead to irreversible consequences. eTrans Camera video surveillance system in the vehicles will save millions of dollars thanks to avoiding litigation and payment of compensations.

Live stream video

GPS tracking

4G Internet

Fleet management


Live stream audio


The system starts to work when the car starts

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Video data and GPS coordinates are transmitted to Google Cloud

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All data can be viewed on the web service

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On the web service, you can generate a report and see the archived data

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The advantages of eTrans Cameras for non-emergency medical transportation

Protecting your reputation

Thanks to eTrans Cameras you will be able to monitor what is happening in all vehicles of your fleet, and timely respond to conflict and emergency situations.

Quality control of the driver

The system will help you monitor the driver’s work and, being under constant supervision, the driver will perform better.

Increase customer loyalty

Due to high-quality performance and quality service, you will easily achieve customer loyalty and your income will increase.

Drivers and patients safety

In case of unforeseen circumstances you, your driver or the client will be able to prove their case thanks to eTrans Cameras.

Monitoring in real time mode

eTrans Cameras allow you to monitor the fleet in real time. On the interactive map you can see the direction and speed of the movement of your entire fleet, the location of the car and its final destination. This is undoubtedly convenient for a large fleet, but also a useful function for a small fleet.


The web service, which is used for video viewing and reporting, is adapted for the mobile devices. Therefore, it will not be difficult to watch video on your phone or tablet, which is very convenient if you are on the road or your computer is not available at the moment.


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