Stream live video

Stream live video is a technology of data buffering and compression that allows to broadcast video over the Internet with the built-in 4g modem in a stream video mode. This is the main advantage in the eTrans Cameras video surveillance system.

Two cameras (dash and backup cameras) are installed in the car, which have the most convenient viewing angle. The video data is transferred to the Google Cloud, then – to a client’s web service.

The benefits of using live stream video:

  • Superb video quality
  • The ability to monitor the situation in real time
  • Monitoring drivers and improving the quality of their work
  • Preventing conflict situations.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is one of the functions that eTrans Cameras system performs. When the car starts working, gps tracking determines its coordinates and transmits data through satellite communication to the server center. The user receives information from the server using the client’s software.

The benefits of using GPS tracking for a transportation company:

  • When optimizing the route, the mileage is reduced by 5-15% during the day;
  • Remote control over the vehicles. This excludes unauthorized trips or trips for personal purposes;
  • Increasing the efficiency of using vehicles;
  • Improving the quality and speed of customer service;
  • Quick solution of disputable situations;
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by 20-30%;
  • It helps to find vehicles in case of theft, provided that gps tracking is not damaged;
  • Gps real-time monitoring;
  • Simplifies the calculation of the fuel used;
  • Regulation of the discipline of drivers and improving quality of work.
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Fleet management

Having access to the client web service, you can control the fleet operation remotely. It can be done from anywhere in the world provided there is Internet access. To do this, you must enter your login and password.

You can monitor the location of your fleet in real time, and view the streaming video from a vehicle. Our company has developed dispatching systems, which greatly simplify the work of transportation companies.

Viewing archive videos

If you need to watch old videos, you need to go to the client platform, enter your login and password and specify the desired date and time. This is a great advantage in case when an unpleasant or conflict situation has arisen and it is necessary to prove your driver’s innocence.

Advantages of this feature:

  • Quick solution of disputed and conflict situations;
  • A great help in case of lawsuits;
  • Video recording of what is happening is an indisputable proof in court;
  • The video records the coordinates of the vehicle and its location.


There is an additional feature of eTrans Camera: report formation. In case of an unforeseen situation, you need to know not only what happened at a particular time but also where the car was at that moment. For this you need to generate a report.

In the report, you will see:

  • The location of the car: its coordinates and approximate address. Why approximate? If the car is in motion then there will be an insignificant error in indicating the number of the building next to which the car was moving
  • Vehicle speed. It is important in case you need to know whether the driver was speeding
  • Vehicle direction
  • A vehicle’s status: online, offline, idling.